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The   Mission   of   Newark   Housing Authority    i s   to   promote   adequate   and quality   affordable   housing,   improve   quality   of   life,   encourage   economic opportunity,          and     provide     a     suitable     living     environment     free     from discrimination. In   order   to   do   this,   Newark   Housing   Authority   offers   the   following   opportunities   for affordable housing:
PROJECT BASED HOUSING in Newark 200 EAST--if you are 62 or older or disabled and are a single or couple. NORTHVIEW AND WINDSONG TERRACES--if you are a family (disabled or non-disabled) in need of 2, 3 or 4 bedrooms SECTION 8 Assistance throughout Wayne County If you are disabled or non-disabled - single, or a family. The Section 8 and Project Based Housing Waiting Lists are currently Open
To     be     income     eligible     for Newark    Housing    Authority programs,          your          gross annual   income   must   not   be more      than      the      following guidelines:
NUMBER IN           INCOME HOUSEHOLD             LIMIT 1   $  25,900 2   $  29,600 3   $  33,300 4   $  37,000 5   $  40,000 6   $  42,950 7   $  45,900 8   $  48,850
Regarding   the   Government   shutdown:      Newark   Housing Authority   does   not   know   any   more   than   you   do   as   to   how   long   this   will   last.      Please call the people  below and let them know your concerns:    Representative   Katko    (315)   423-5657   or   katko.house.gov    ……..   Senator   Gillibrand    1   (585)   263-6250   or   gillibrand.senate.gov       …... S enator Schumer  1 (585) 263-5866 or schumer.senate.gov